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Q: How do I apply for the River Bible Institute?

A: Apply online by clicking here, or call the Admissions Office at +1 (813) 899-0085.


Q: How do I know if I have been accepted into the River Bible Institute?

A: You will receive a letter of acceptance via postage mail.


Q: When are the general fee and tuition due?

A: The general fee is due upon acceptance to RBI. Tuition payments can be made before or during the week of Orientation.


Q: Are all students required to attend Orientation?

A: All students, whether incoming or continuing students are required to attend orientation in its entirety.



Q:  Are there any on-campus dorms for students?

A:  At this time there are no dorms on campus. However, upon acceptance, the student will receive a listing of local apartments and private renting opportunities.


Q:  Is there computer and internet access?

A:  Wi-Fi is available to the student body.


Q:  As an RBI student, are there requirements outside of classes?

A: Each week, students are required to attend the Sunday morning service and one evening service at The River at Tampa Bay Church (see Student Life page). Students are also required to serve in a ministry of helps and help in our Prayer & Care Center once a week (8 times per quarter). Students are also required to win souls a minimum of once a week.


Q: Is there a local church that students can attend?

A: The River Bible Institute is in association with the River at Tampa Bay Church. Attendance is required to The River unless the student is previously attending another church in the local area.



Q: What kind of accreditation does the River Bible Institute have?

A: The River Bible Institute is an accredited member with Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI).

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