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It has been my dream for many years to provide a place where men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences could gather together to study and experience the glory of God.  As you will discover, The River Bible Institute is not a traditional Bible school.  It is a Holy Ghost training center, birthed specifically for those whose strongest desire is to know Christ and to make Him known.


The vision for The River Bible Institute is plain: To train men and women in the spirit of revival for ministry in the 21st century.  The school was birthed in 1997 with a desire to train up revivalists for the 21st Century. This school has been on my heart for many years.  It is a place where the Word of God and the Holy Spirit come together to produce life, birth ministries, and launch them out. I believe just like there is a launching pad on the East Coast of Florida at the Kennedy Space Center, so I believe that the River Bible Institute will be a launching pad for ministries to be sent to the far-flung corners of the globe.


While preaching in many nations and regions of the world, I have observed that all the people of the earth have one thing in common: A desperate need for the genuine touch of God.  From the interior of Alaska through the bush country of Africa, to the outback villages of Australia to the cities of North America, people are tired of religion and ritualistic worship.  They are crying out for the reality of His presence.  The River Bible Institute is dedicated to training believers how to live, minister and flow in the anointing.


The Word will challenge those of you attending the Institute to find clarity in your calling, and be changed by the awesome presence of God.  This is the hour of God's power.  Not just for the full-time minister, but for all of God's people who are hungry for more.  Whether you are a housewife or an aspiring evangelist, The River Bible Institute will deepen your relationship and experience in the Lord, and provide you with a new perspective on how to reach others with God's life-changing power.


You can be saturated in the Word and the Spirit of God at The River Bible Institute.  It is the place where you will be empowered to reach your high calling and set your world on fire with revival.


Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
Th.D., D.Min., D.D.



Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and I have always tried to reach out to people who feel the call to full-time ministry, to encourage and to help them. Through the years we have brought many people on the road with us so that they could be saturated in God's presence in our meetings; so that the life of God could begin to flow out of them after it had worked on them and in them and thoroughly changed them. God put a desire in our hearts - which grew stronger and stronger over the years - to have a full-time school where people could be saturated in God's presence and washed by His Word.


We were perfectly happy travelling all over the world as we were, but we felt that God wanted us to raise up an army of revivalists who would shake the nations. We cannot keep to ourselves what God has given us; we must give it away so that the torch of revival and the power of God and anointing of the Holy Spirit can continue to spread to the uttermost parts of the earth. We began to pray and ask God to show us the right time and the right place. God spoke to us at the end of 1996 and told us to go ahead and start a revival church and a revival Bible school in Tampa, Florida.


There are many Bible training facilities in the world, but so many of them major on giving their students a mere head knowledge of the Bible rather than encouraging their students to come to know the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in a real and living way. God did not powerfully use the disciples and apostles and the early Christians just because of their great knowledge. Many of them actually did not know much, but they were anointed with the Holy Spirit and power! They became intimately acquainted with Jesus, as they were born again and filled with the Spirit and flowed in signs and wonders and miracles. This experiential knowledge of God caused them to change the world! Mere knowledge puffs one up with pride (1 Corinthians 8:1-3), but an experiential knowledge of the love of God is what causes us to have a spiritually mature understanding of the things of God. (Ephesians 3:19)


Religion and tradition of man wants us to think that we must serve God without ever really knowing Him. You can know someone in a limited way by their letters, but when you meet them face-to-face, you know them much more intimately and accurately than before. God wants to know you and He wants to make Himself known to you, by His Word and His Spirit. If you want to be a world-shaker you need to let Him shake your world! Until you have a face-to-face encounter with God you will never reach the maximum potential of the call and anointing of God on your life. God is the One who calls you. You need to prepare yourself for that call by allowing God to reach down deep on the inside of you and change you and make you more like Him so that you can act like Him and be like Him and do what He would do. So that you can change your world!


Don't wait! You will never be sorry for the time that you spent getting to intimately know Jesus. God wants to raise you up to do great things for Him. The River Bible Institute will help to prepare you to do great things for God. We look forward to seeing you grow and change and then go out into the world in power and victory!


Dr. Adonica Howard-Browne
D.Min., M.A., B.A.
Vice President

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The River Bible Institute exists to brand a new generation with the fires of Revival. Many have their own concept of what Revival is. Revival is change; change of heart; change of ways; change in the way we think, change in the way we treat others. It means change in every area of our lives.


Are YOU one of these Revivalists? Are YOU ready to change YOUR city? Are YOU ready to change YOUR state, YOUR country? Most of all, are YOU ready to see Revival shake America and the Nations of the World? Then, without hesitation, apply now and join with us!


Spreading Revival Together,


Pastor Mark Cabrera
Dean of The River Bible Institute

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