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The purpose of the River Bible Institute is to not only strengthen the student’s Christian walk but also to prepare the student for ministry. With this in mind, professionalism in dress and conduct is imperative. It is the desire of RBI that all of our students be dressed modestly and in good taste. The dress codes outlined below applies at all times when attending classes, during school hours, and during church services.


WOMEN – Acceptable Attire

  • Dresses or blouses and skirts, collared shirts, blouses, suits, blazers/jackets, sweaters, and turtlenecks with dress slacks (including dress type khakis, corduroys, capris or cropped pants, or other non-denim slacks).

  • Dress/skirt length must be mid-knee or longer. The hemline of fitted skirts should be mid-knee or longer. Any slit on the front of a skirt or dress may not rise above the knee. Any slit on the side or back may not exceed 3-4 inches above the knee.

  • Leggings may only be worn with an appropriate length skirt (mid-knee length or longer).

  • Slacks must cover the hip, preferably worn at the waist (no hip-huggers).

  • No tight-fitting slacks or skirts are to be worn unless they are paired with a long jacket that covers the derriere completely. 

  • At no time should underwear be visible when you bend over. 

  • Undergarments should not be visible through your clothing. Any sheer garments should be accompanied by a non-see-through garment underneath (e.g. shells). 

  • Undergarments should be supportive and not show any details of the anatomy.

  • Acceptable shoes include dressy sandals, dress shoes, dressy-casual shoes, and boots.

  • Note: If wearing sandals, please have well-groomed feet and toenails.

  • Note: Shirts, blouses, and sweaters must cover the stomach and midriff area entirely at all times, even when arms are raised.


MEN – Acceptable Attire

  • Dress or casual slacks, khakis, corduroys, or Dockers-type slacks. Slacks must be worn at the waist. No baggy or saggy pants allowed. Please note not all Dockers brands are slacks and all Khakis are not either. 

  • Collared shirts, oxfords, polos, or short sleeve shirts with collars may be worn. Ties are optional.

  • Note: Shirts must be tucked in unless they have squared bottoms that are designed to be worn outside. Shirts may not have advertisements, excessive designs, wording, or logos on them

  • Dress shoes or dressy casual shoes with socks are required (no sport socks allowed).

  • Beards and mustaches must be kept clean, groomed, and at an appropriate length. Hair must be neatly groomed and well-kept. Longer hair must be tied up and out of the face. All students are expected to observe good hygiene and wear clean clothing.



  • Hair must be clean, neatly groomed, and well kept.

  • All students are expected to observe good hygiene and wear clean clothing.

  • All clothing is to be pressed and neat without stains, holes, tears, or ragged edges on clothing.


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